Just Orb Too

A Tangential Autobiography [Non-Condensed]

20 February
I hate talking about myself. No, that's not exactly true ... I talk about myself all the time on my domain. I just hate introducing myself. Yeah ... that's it.

I'm just a goofy chick in Texas who likes working with digital art, doing crafts, remodeling my house when I can afford to do so, building web sites, cooking, playing video games, watching movies, and in general doing as little as possible that might be construed as work ... while griping about it all every step of the way.

Most of my LJ is public, since it's cross-posted from my entirely public web site, but if something is going on with me that I don't want to babble about too publicly, it ends up on one of my filters over here, so I can control the flow of potentially embarrassing information. I am very liberal about adding people as friends. All you have to do is friend me. :D

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